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If you are not in your own premises, and plan to keep moving house, here is why you need to rent a furnished house.


When I was transferred to Uganda, I looked for a real estate agency online so that I could get a comfortable place to live. I didn’t want to move with so many items, I opted for a fully-furnished house so that I can save my money and time to buy items, shares Joan Olinga, an engineer.
Tenants always move in and out but the main challenge in this is safe transportation of their property. Hassan Munaganwa, a property caretaker, explains why you should go for a well-furnished house.

Little cost for transport 
Munaganwa says currently, people in Uganda are not so into fully-furnished houses but some landlords prefer to have them in place because they want to make it easier for tenants to move in and out. “Fully-furnished houses save the landlords from chasing after defaulters. Some defaulters leave their belongings behind making it hard for the landlord to clear the house for the new tenants, and sometimes they claim their items are missing,” he says.

Munaganwa adds that sometimes when a tenant is moving out, they have no choice but to sell their property yet buyers are not easy to come by when one is in a hurry.
“Instead of making losses, and spending money in transporting furniture, it’s better to go with fully-furnished houses, which saves time and money without inconveniencing other people. Sometimes items get spoilt because you get a smaller house where your furniture is not fitting,” he adds.

High value 
Munagwa says for the property owner, a fully-furnished house is rated higher than one that is not, therfore, the procceds from it are higher. If they decided to sell it off, they would still be paid more than a landlord with a non-furnished house because the client will rate the household items as well.
“Currently, expatriates, who are coming in the country and have short contracts of three to four years, which is a short time and want high quality houses, where they can feel secure with their families,” he says.

Short time contractors 
Mpuuga says fully-furnished houses are good for short term tenants because it makes it easier for them to move in and out, especially if the tenant is on a short contract. “This also saves time that would have been wasted in making selections as shopping for quality household items needs time and you may find that all the items you want are not in one place, and you have to move around to get the best,” he says.

No need of hiring experts 
Mpuuga adds that it will make work easier because the tenant will not spend money on hiring interior designers.
“Property managers who deal in fully furnished houses always do their best when it comes to making choices. they always buy quality furniture to please clients and so that they can last long,” he adds.

Enjoying good living

Hassan Munaganwa, a property caretaker says fully-furnished houses are usually of high quality, because people build them with the purpose of targeting high class people who are willing to pay rent on time and to get their money in a period of short time.
“Since people had invested much money in these houses they make sure that their clients are contented with what they picked, they make sure that security in tight, services are available and tenant’s agreement is clear to them,” he adds.

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