Small plot, big house, here is how to maximize your land

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By Tony Mushoborozi
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In Summary

For a plot of land that would neither allow you to build a decent house nor deliver a rental investment worth saving for, this plan shows you that any plot size can deliver a worthy real estate project.

The land tenure as it is in the country allows a person to buy a plot of land smaller than the standard plot of 50 feet by 100 feet. Anyone familiar with Uganda’s real estate industry knows that plots as small as 25ft by 25ft (7 square metres) are on sale. It is also not uncommon for someone to be forced by financial hardships to sell a small piece of their land to pay school fees or to clear hospital bills.
Therefore, sooner or later, you might find yourself with a tiny piece of land that you might have bought to bail out a neighbour or a relative. Such plots are usually too small for a regular home. A home with no parking space or an emergency outside bathroom and such other facilities is not at all practical. One needs a smart house plan to get the best out of tiny plots. This house plan is perfect for small plots.

Outer measurements
This is a four-bedroom house that fits on a 50 feet by 50 feet plot and leaves enough space to park two cars and a small garden. It’s like magic. Usually, a four-bedroom house can barely fit well on a plot double this size. The fact that this plan has made this possible, is a testament that approaching a challenge in a new way can deliver wonders. This little gem measures a paltry 10 metres by 10 metres. But what really makes the difference is the storeyed floor plan. The other factor that makes this tiny house so spacious is the open-floor plan on the ground floor that merges spaces into each other. Each space is much larger than it really is because it borrows several square meters from neighboring spaces that aren’t being used.

The ground floor 
The ground floor consists of the living room, the kitchen, the dining areas and generally facilities that are meant to be shared by family and friends. The garage and the guest room are add-ons. What is dainty about the bedroom on the ground floor is that it opens from the outside, which means it is not only perfect as a guest room, it is perfect for an older child who wants some level of independence. It is like a boy’s quarters that is not detached.
To utilize the space to the maximum, there is a bathroom under the stair case. This is a practice that needs to be taken seriously as it saves space and minimizes on nooks and crannies that gather dust in a home. The outside store is a perfect place to keep things like charcoal and produce. The inner store next to the kitchen can be saved for cleaner things like gas canisters and such.

The upper floor
The upper floor is the resting area. Three bedrooms, a private sitting room where only family is allowed, and a balcony only accessible to the family or the primary residents who occupy the upper floor bedrooms. Two of the three bedrooms are smaller and minimalistic and would be perfect for children. They share a bathroom and a balcony. The third bedroom is a true master’s bedroom. The spacious room has a private balcony and a walled closet.
The bathroom is nothing short of a haven of relaxation. A large bathtub is better than a small one. Most people never have the option for a large tub, and it can be tracked down to plans that lack in smartness.

The outer embellishments 
The specifications on the outside are designed to strike a business image. This is one of those cases where the look of the home tends towards the commercial side of real estate. The house communicates power, money and aloofness.
The glass walls on the right side of the house are great for interior natural lighting but even better, the design adds a special character to the beauty of the house.
The glass frames on the glass merge perfectily with the post-modernist grids on the main columns of the house. This gives the house a sturdy character, which communicates safety and security. It is a win to build a house that can easily intimidate robbers. And this looks like it does.

The cost
The house costs between Shs170m and Shs190m. The exact cost depends on type of finishing and other avariables.

Stone bricks

Stone bricks have been growing in popularity in Uganda’s real estate industry for close to two decades now. And for good reason. No two stones are exactly the same.
They bring a special warmth to any surface because their beauty lies in their effortless natural feel.
Natural elements have a way of looking alike while simultaneously looking different.
It is that character that stone bricks bring to architecture.
Whether one uses stone bricks to cleverly hide imperfections in the columns or walls, or one uses them for décor purposes inside the house, stone bricks almost never disappoint.
They can transform a room and give it a character of artistry.
Better still, they can reshape the façade of the home in ways that no other material can.
One of the best messages that stones send is strength and stability.
No wonder several hardware dealers have steadily invested in these finely cut stones.
The nature of stones is that the options are endless; from colours to textures to shapes. It’s an exciting world.

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